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New Office / 2013 Board of Directors

            Your MTIADA has a new office at The Auto Auction of Montana in Billings.  We have a newly elected board of directors that are a mix of new and old dealers from across our state.  We try to represent everyone in our association with somebody fairly close that they can call for advice or to voice an opinion with.  We are a big state with different issues from one end to the other.  We also have new phone and fax numbers and a new mailing address and a new email address.  We will list all of these in our Board of Directors section. Our web address is www.mtiada.com and should be updated very soon with ail our new information. The website will also soon be able to accept Paypal and credit card payments for membership dues and to purchase forms and supplies.


Jimmy Brown President
Car Factory
PO Box 31751
Billings, MT 59107
wk 405-896-9833
fax 406-256-9785
cell 406-698-7909

Jeremy Erving Vice President
Magic City Motors
1501 1st Ave. N
, MT 59101
wk 406-294-2979
fax 406-29+2978
cell 406-591-3485

Nels Pearson Secretary
Auto Auction of Montana
4432 S Frontage Rd
Billings MT 5910i
wk 406-252-6332
fax 406-252-8126
cell 406-208-9791

Tom Bleskin
Bleskin Motor Company
4901 10trAve S
Great Falls MT 59405
wk 406-771-4691
fax 406-268-0500
cell 406-788-1159

Bill Petritz
Sunshine Motors
3309 W. Broadway
Missoula, MT 59808
wk 406-728-2626
fax 406-728-2525
cell 406-544-7222

Joe Peters
Joe's Auto Sales
1615 9th St W
Columbia Falls, MT 59912
wk 406-892-2221
fax 406-892-2221
cell 406-250-8495

Cody Vukasin
Cody's Cars
PO Box 7491
Great Falls MT 59406
wk 406-770-3060
fax 406-770-3061
cell 406.799-4331

Courtney Higgins
Rodeo Riggs
550 Larson Loop
Hammond, MT 59332
wk 406-775-6761
cell 406-853-0497

John Soelter
Soelter Auto Sales
2 Broadwater Ave.
, MT 59101
wk 406-245-1671
fax 406-245.0195
cell 406-860-8686

Glen Wunderlich
Ronan Auto Body Sales and Service
PO Box T
Ronan, MT 59864
wk 406-676-4s36
fax 405-576-4535
cell 406- 26I-5811

John Hamrell Executive Director
PO Box 80326
Billings, MT 59l08
wk 406-256-4943
fax 406-256-2155
cell 406-670-4786



We would like to thank our longtime board member and past Vice President Marvin Holas of Glendive Sales. Marvin has been an incredible asset to the board and the used car industry of Montana.  His very wise input throughout the years has guided our path and his retirement from the board is a great loss. He is still doing business Glendive and is available for consult.  We are very grateful for his willingness to still help




2013 Montana Independent Automobile Dealers Association