curbstoning n. the conducting of (street side) business without a license, especially automobile sales.

Don't Let A Curbstoner Take You For A Ride - Curbstoning is a form of fraud which can involve either a commercial car seller posing as private individuals and/or individuals who are selling multiple vehicles without a license. Curbstoners are so named because they often park vehicles along a curb or in high trafficked public viewing areas. Some curbstoners advertise in classified ads while a growing number are moving online where it’s easier to conceal their identity and location.

Some individuals use curbstoning as a way to circumvent state laws regarding the sale of cars. Licensed dealers need to meet strict requirements to stay in business. Curbstoners do not. Curbstoners frequently market vehicles many reputable dealers won’t touch because of hidden problems that can affect the vehicles safety and resale value.

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