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February 8-11 Orlando, FL -NADA Convention

March 5-8   Las Vegas, NV -Car Conference

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Montana Independent Automobile Dealers Association

Montana Independent Automobile Dealers Association




Hello from your Montana Independent Automobile Dealers Association, we have some sad news from our headquarters this year. We are mourning the loss of our beloved Director and friend Jim Robinson.  We lost our fearless Director and friend this last February to a battle with cancer. Jim brought this association up from just two members to over 200 dealers at its peak. I have been on the board of directors since the mid 90ís and have witnessed the changes and battles that he has lead us through.

            In the beginning of Jim's tenure he had seen some of the detrimental laws that had been passed in our state as well as our neighbors. These laws were able to pass because there was no representation for our industry. We in the used car business were subject to the whims of outside interests that wanted to change how we did our business. Jim knew that a well organized association representing our industry would go a long way toward influencing decisions made in Helena and Deerlodge. He knew we would need to be friends with and work hand in hand with our state and local governments. We needed to be a reliable network for them to communicate with and then we could count on having a say in matters that were going to affect us.  Jim was able to become a source of knowledge for our state government to look to for advice and opinion when it came to dealer law, rules, regulation and anything else that would affect us as an industry.  Without our combined efforts as an organized voting block we would have very little influence in Helena or Deerlodge. We don't expect to be able to stop every change or hick-up that comes our way, but we can go a long way toward influencing the outcome of some of the issues we face.

This last legislative session was a long learning process for me. I was afraid something bad was going to come our way while I was on watch. We had many inside friends watching for us, but I also read every bill that was introduced that had anything to with our industry. It is easy to get caught in a bad way by legislation that seems to be good for the consumer or even another industry but would be devastating for the used car business.   We have had more than one legislator introduce bills to take away our dealer and demo plates in the past.  We have had legislators introduce lemon law bills. These bills have been put to rest by our friends in Helena and the fact that you dealers as an association represent a large block of voters. One businessman standing in front of the House or Senate whining about a potentially bad deal for him or her is going to fall on mostly deaf ears. That is why we need to keep our association alive and strong. We are still a nonprofit and don't need to be traded on the New York Stock Exchange but we do need to be big enough to influence legislation.  Please know that your membership counts!


John Hamrell
Executive Director MTIADA


TRP and Title Classes

            This coming September our title and registration people from Deerlodge will be putting on some clinics for us dealers at several locations throughout the state. They would like our feedback before hand. They would like to know what topics we would like them to cover. They would also like to hear any concerns or suggestions that we may have.  As usual there are no promises of sweeping change but it helps them to hear from us.  Please call, text, email or write to John Hamrell or your board member with your input.


Now is the time to join over 200+ independent car dealers and affiliated industries from across Montana and the Western United States. Established in 1980, MTIADA is one of the nations strongest and most effective independent car dealer associations, with the second highest membership percentage rate per capita in the USA. Together we are a very strong and effective voice for our industry.


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