Preferred Providers
Preferred Providers offer a wide variety of products and services uniquely tailored to the needs of Montana Independent Dealers. If you are a member, preferred pricing may be available.

MVD Express

MVD Express


With over two decades of experience, MVD Express provides licenses/Real ID, titles, registrations, call center support and dealer services to over 300,000 customers annually through our Retail, Commercial and Support Divisions. As the leading third-party agent and partner for the State of New Mexico and most recently Montana, we understand the tight financial circumstances in which jurisdictions must operate and the increasing need for additional flexibility in managing all growth and overflow scenarios. Our deep understanding of industry issues inspires us to design better solutions while maintaining a culture of continuous improvement that fosters efficiency, transparency, and accountability.

  • Omni-channel service model that has capability to serve both consumer & commercial clients
  • Call Center & Help Desk Support
  • Advising & Consultation for all Motor Vehicle & Licensing Operations
  • RFP Development
  • Modernization Support


With multiple processing centers across New Mexico & Montana, the Commercial Division serves over 200 clients that include auto dealers, financial institutions, and rental car agencies. Our dedicated Commercial Team has the expertise to process Titles, Registrations, and Motor Vehicle Record Checks accurately and efficiently.

  • Personalized Service & Unmatched Expertise
  • Faster processing times with an average 24-48hr turnaround time
  • Start-to-finish title tracking through TRACER, our proprietary commercial platform that speeds up the titling process

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