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Keep your dealership compliant with the FTC's Safeguards requirements

Ensure your staff knows how to protect consumer information to comply with the FTC requirements, avoid inadvertent exposure of your customer's information, government enforcement actions, lawsuits, and bad press. 

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The FTC's Safeguards Rule was updated and now requires that dealers take specific actions to protect consumer privacy. The FTC requires every dealership to have one Qualified Individual and all other employees to undergo training. To meet these requirements, MTIADA offers two courses covering the knowledge necessary for those positions. The FTC also requires Safeguards Policies and Agreements for your dealership, which are included in our program at no additional charge. Finally, the FTC requires documentation of training, so every user that completes the program will receive a certificate of completion. 

Only $75 for the Qualified Individual, $49 each for all other employees. 

Sample policies and agreements at no additional charge (Qualified Individual Course Only) • Bulk purchase discounts available for 10 or more enrollments • The course is flexible and on-demand to fit your busy schedule • You earn a certificate upon completion