Associate Membership
Montana IADA greatly appreciates the support of industry expert associate members who help to make our support and advocacy of the Independent Dealerships, Auctions, and Vendor Members possible.

Business Partners

MTIADA has associate members, and then we have a select few companies that go far beyond basic membership. These companies, our Business Partners, share the philosophy of the importance of powerful industry representation; they understand and strongly support the function of a non-profit trade association within an industry.

We designed the program to be elite and customizable, so that the MTIADA Business Partner designation really meant something. We created an even playing field where any company willing to step up could participate.

We believe that your sponsorship should be an extension of your companies message, Enabling you to reach new audiences, increase your market share and build relationships with your targeted audience.

That’s why we partner with all our sponsors to come together and meet the needs of each specific partner.

We are still working on the final touches of our new Business Partner program so if you are interested please reach out to us.

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