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A Message from MVD Express

March 3, 2022
MTIADA and MVD Express

Greeting’s member dealers,

Early in our Montana expansion, our founder and CEO, Janice Lucero believed in the huge value of MTIADA. She became a board member shortly after because of her belief in associations and in professional alliances. She and we believe in mutually beneficial business relationships, and we are excited to introduce a few new initiatives that will help us all in that spirit.

During last month's board meeting an idea came up that building value in the membership could attract additional members. We know the important function this association plays legislatively, in government relations, in best practice, education, and support. While its value to auto dealers across the State and nationally is not paid for by all, all dealers benefit from the work it does. We can never top that importance, but we would like to increase the value of your membership with a few things we can affect. As a thank you to all who have supported us, and as a conversation starter for Camillia in a drive to attract more members we would like to offer five free transactions with MVD Express, Commercial Division, every year on renewal or on the initial membership if doing business in our Tracer program. Tracer is a free interface to MVD Express that is a value unto itself in its utility. MVD Express currently charges dealers $26.99 per transaction in Tracer which is an over 25% savings from our Retail rate.

Many of you already use our service outside of Tracer. Please allow me to introduce you the program that will make your life easier.

We are closer to you than ever. We have Commercial and Retail offices in Billings, Bozeman, and Missoula. More dealers can now access our services in person and save the Fed Ex fees. You should know that we are processing, Replacement Title, Electronic Record Transfer, Bond Title, Dealer Title Only, and Repo Title. We print the title on the spot in all our locations.

We are excited to also announce the start of our Dealer Referral Program. Dealers now have the okay to send documents directly to MVD Express on request by the customer. Basically, the customer requests that the docs be sent to one of our Retail locations, we review, call you if we need something before the customer comes in, we text or call the customer and set up a time to come in and finish the deal. You always look like an MVD professional, and we get the most valuable introduction to a customer, your referral and endorsement. Give me a call for details, referral forms, and FAQs.

We are also starting our Dealer Registration Program with a few select dealers as capacity allows. This program will allow you to collect the fees from the customer and send the documents directly to one of our Commercial locations for completion. The customer never needs to come in. You can add the State fees to their financing and look like the hero when they come back for their plates, title, and registration. Call or email and we will start a conversation about your dealership becoming one of the first to offer this valuable service to your customers. We think it will be a real competitive advantage especially to the early adaptors.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mickey Flynn

Vice President, Commercial Division
C: 505.699.5077 F: 888.875.1861